"There is no truth so profound, no conviction so sacred, no fact so certain that it is immune to repeated critical review. There are no theologies or sciences without question marks trailing behind. And there is no institution that can guarantee the truth of anything. We are all pilgrims in a wondrous and strange land of latent possibilities and unknown potential."

 Robert W. Funk
Honest to Jesus




Once and future friends, welcome to my website.

Books and writing will more than likely dominate the subject matter here, but I'll also have much to say about politics, religion, music, theatre, movies, and so forth.

I believe in transparency and directness. I don't subscribe to the theory that one should present "the professional writer" face on one's website, shunting everything else to other venues.

"Professional writer" is but one role I play.

If you've come here for anything, and if you decide to return, I hope it's to share with me a passionate engagement with the world, whether through fiction or otherwise.

And so it shall be.

Let's begin!

Where to reach me: contact@robertdevereaux.com

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